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which the temperature fell to. F. in hours and the general condition
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to those who write of placing the ulcer bearing area at rest by
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is lessened. He adds that in no stage of this disease is the
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direct supervision of this department a biological labora
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them. In large wounds he considers stitching indis
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A PLEA IN FAVOR OF EARLY LAPAROTOMY for Catarrhal and Ulcerative
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destroyed a fourth of the human species. According to Mezeray this pestilence
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absolute purity the persons clothing and bedding of the inmates and
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health care recipients in the development of improved health care systems.
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ferer by it s Tyranny it begins with Tenfions and windy
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athletes can live in sound health on an intake of only grms.
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particularly liable to recur. It is most common in adolescence. The in
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the vaso motor disturbance may be more readily controlled by smaller
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diseases particularly with lead poisoning. English writers lay
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and the ringing of their axes in the historic woods
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of Sanatoria in this Province that owe their inee tion largely
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to influence a rapidly progressive optic nerve atrophy by specific treatment.
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physics or biology at large. I may see certain results and recog
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most common cause of syncope in patients referred for
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produced as follows Dextrose per cent. levulose per cent.
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the most important deviations from the mean type of
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somewhat diminished but remains high. The shape and transparency
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described article on cerebral hyperaemia brings us to the best
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the mother would not favour a prolonged maintenance of an independent
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self at my office with a jierforation of the cartilage of the
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strictures of moderately large calibre and a deep one
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lakes in its route and with its tributaries affords
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leucocyth mie a globules blancs moDomicI lt r aires. Jhid.
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used in diarrhoea and dysentery. It cleanses the surface
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believed there is scarcely a medical journal in the country which is
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tion or sections they intend more particularly to attach

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