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theless his first table tends to show that as regards scarlet fever

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Justus Sherwood was born at Southport Connecticut in.

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slower growth smaller size and greater sluggishness of the

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which so much is anticipated has apparentl come to a

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soumise in extremis h I opotherapie hepatique. Bull et

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perhaps for the next after which if the weather is not too

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tube being left for several days longer. A few days after

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fTlHE subject of the work is one on whicli much has been

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Erocess due to Injury. In tbe majority of cases of abscess following

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give the Specific J.K. in alternation with Specific

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take such high ground for the cause of professional science and the

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plantation of my cousin Mr. James A. Boyd in Madison

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exceptional cases a substance similar in appearance and consis

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for more than thirteen years. The urine was quite milky in color and

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Mr. Milton correctly diagnosed the second case and since

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chronic gleet and the discharge is tinged with what the animal eats. It

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have continually directed the attention of residents in Buenos

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method for the treatment of malignant growths of the

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none where intelligent people will allow themselves to be

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demonstrated the favorableness of this artificial medium as a habitat

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into the epigastric region and tilted so that the centre of the cylinder

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parts of the city. It is clean pure and sweet showing only

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dure would scarcely illustrate with sufficient force

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burgh Obstetrical Society s ome years ago where a woman had died

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semi coma or mild delirium. The urine is scanty and may show

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or six times have thus escaped the malady and both offer

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has a rating of. on the dollar invested mean that this man

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