Sam Russo, Cory Branan and Tim Barry at Le Pub

After the successful trial of tech that was filming Sammy H Stevens & Jonah Matranga play at Le Pub, I decided to give it another go!

This time I planned ahead a little, chatted to the lovely folks at Le Pub first and got a recording of the audio from the desk, as well as the camera audio to try and get the best mix of sound from desk, room and a little bit of audience.

First up was the excellent Sam Russo – Bar like these.

Second up was the surprise show stealer of the evening, Cory Branan – Tall Green Grass

Third and final, the superb Tim Barry – Idle Idealist

This was one of those gigs that remind me why I think Le Pub is one of the best venues in the country.


18. March 2015 by Michael Partridge
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