Sammy H Stephens and Jonah Matranga at Le Pub!

As you may well (or not at all) know, I love filming things.

I played a gig recently at Le Pub, with the excellent Sammy H Stephens and Jonah Matranga. Considering they were both acoustic acts, I decided to pack both my digital cameras and try to film a few songs from their sets.

Interesting note, the static camera is my point and click used to film this and the free cam is my Canon DSLR. I’ll admit the image changes from camera to camera, but I think it is far better to have some change between the shots than just the static image from one.

Quick lesson to people who want to film gigs, take two cameras, have a static one (I put it on top of the speakers at the venue) and a free one, use the audio from one of the cameras, probably the static one and then cut between the videos. It will make it more interesting and is an excellent way to cover up any camera shake.

On a final note, I also designed the poster for this show…


So, I designed the poster, played the show, filmed some of it and sang my heart out.

Great night!

06. October 2014 by Michael Partridge
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