Samoans – Antlers

This video is for my friends Samoans this little project started out as something fun to do over the Easter break, it went on way longer than that, but it was still super fun to do.

Dan came to me with a loose concept for the video, we hashed it out, making notes on the back of out of date posters, got something resembling a plot together (something about political underclass and unrequited love…its all very Shakepearian darling) and then it was over to me.

If I was to give myself job titles for this film, it would include:

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Camera man
  • Editor
  • Co-writer

I can’t mention this video without thanking all of mine and Dan’s friends for being involved and incredibly supportive to get it finished! So thanks (in order) to;

Chris, Ciara, Music Box, Becca, Kelly’s Records, Spillers Records, Helen, Tom and finally Joe. You guys rock.

You can download the single here: Samoans – Antlers

It makes me incredibly happy to know that the “No Deer Allowed” sign we put up in Spillers is still there…

P.S. Eventually I will post the making of photos.

03. October 2013 by Michael Partridge
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