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Everywhere the chemistry is excellent — ^the symptomatology

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period by the stomach. It seems practically to be the case, as might

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towards the straits of Messina, does not distinctly appear. The ex-

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first death had been in a cliild on the very day after leaving Havre.

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method he would have us divest ourselves of the popular error,

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time industrial practices. Available June 30, 1953.

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norion that if one is ill with anything other than theJ

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By Dr. J. Hughlinos Jackson, ^ Royal Lond. Ophth. Hosp.

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with the vena conies of the crural nerve, which was much dilated, and seemed to

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workmen, however, in the dockyard, which is much infested with

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Although those plants which especially belong to a soil of

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availed myself of their aid in putting together the following details.

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nowhere did it exhibit any reaction with iodine. There was no

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prevent the operation of those debilitating causes which lay the foundation

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to complain of pain in her lefb side, and had constant craving for food,

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take the stain produced on the bright copper by decomposing

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After reduction to a small compass, the suspected substance is to

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manifest. This is not to say that there is no such thing

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stars. In dry spot the globules retain their shape; but

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English champion of non-restraint, remarking that '^ the name

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following interesting case which I witnessed : — The patient, a young lady, had been

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From the consideration of the structure of the muscles of

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state of activity and perform their functions previous to birth. In it is a

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been in contact with the stomach and intestines. By this operation we

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classification of idiots may*perhaps 1^ formed by referring them

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the result was that a very large amount of valuable intelligence was

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Another form of constitutional hemorrhage, not apparently dependent on a

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partial reappearance of the disease ; again in 1859, and also in 1860, especially

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Simple ante-flexion, like the other flexions, is of itself not

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lished on the subject, have shown the mortality attendant upon operations for

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toughened with a thin layer of lymph. The lungs were oedematous.

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Case IV. Congestive apoplexy from drinking cold ivater. — Thomas

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wider affinities. We see this process in other names, indeed,

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blood impelled to the brain with undue violence, but that it sometimes takes

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