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who disapprove of consanguineous marriages. The cata
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common mode of reasoning upon medical subjects. His essay is
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rate for the corresponding period of the past ten years was. gt
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the operations that had been done in I hiladelphia alone
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the spleen and general engorgement of the venous system
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acid in a test tube. There is much talk of rheumatism of the
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to the normal and the other symptoms gradually dis
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wire silkworm gut silk kangaroo tendon catgut etc. all finding their expo
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disease where large families are crowded together in small
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origin. A remarkable instance of this was recorded by Dr John Harley
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no means no longer invaded by the gynaecologist but
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nature of the action of mercury was much more advanced than at
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system of concours nearly all those brilliant physi
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pendently of the blood vessels and if curable to be cured by
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MetsclinikofF in discussing the struggle of the cells of the
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IMCTON Mr. RiTCHiFsaid his view was that the Royal Commission would be
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canal were removed. Tuberculosis of oviducts uterus
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tightly fitting the outlines of the extremities so as to
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Baplista dosSanctos Manuel daGama Lobo Alexandre Jos Soeiro de Faria Guarany
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and liad doubtless much assisted in the displacement of the heart.
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therefore that the Dean recognizing the advances that had
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Complications. When giving the symptomatology I endeavored
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between the medical men and the beneficial societies or medical clubs
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fact that more than one cause is operative in nearly every
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of these fourteen were positive. A turbid pale yellow fluid was
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five cases of melaeaa neonatorum occurring in the gynecological clinic at

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