STOLEN: Fender Jaguar Baritone, Squire Jazz Bass and Squire Bronco.

I woke up on the morning of the 19th of November to a text message from my bandmate that our studio space had been broken into and three of our instruments were stolen.

This is not the kind of news any musician want to wake up to. This is not the kind of information that anyone wants to here happening to one of their friends. Our studio space is my friends summer house/man cave, the last thing any friend wants to hear is that there friends house was broken into.

The mind melting reality is that two of the three guitars that were stolen were mine and they weren’t just two of my guitars, they were my favourite guitar and my work horse bass that has become a massive part of my life.

This is also double awful because it has totally destroyed the room in which our band was born and has made it feel unsafe, this is perhaps the worst part.

Whilst the bill for damages is probably going to reach £1500, it means we are not going to feel the same about a space we have had nothing but love for and we will now be left with an uneasy feeling towards such an important part of our lives. Losing a instrument is something a musician can understand, feeling violated and unsafe about a place that is meant to feel like home, we all feel that is something anyone can identify with.

I’m going to break down what has gone missing and some identifiable things about each instrument.

First off…

Fender Jaguar Baritone.

Identifiable features:

1. Black paint on body and matched to the head stock.

2. Dent one, near the pick up selector, almost in perfect line.

3. Dent two, on the arm area bevel.

4. Non guitar people, it has a longer neck than most guitars because it is tuned lower.

IMG_8091< I’ve been informed by one of the guys who has worked on it, it is a Japanese made 2005/2006. On a personal note, you know the kind of guitar that if your house was on fire you would risk going in to save. This is that guitar to me. There is something special about it that is almost impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t played it, but anyone who has knows what I mean. This is a beautiful guitar, and I can’t even begin to imagine how I might be able to replace it, let alone find a similar one. Second up….

Squire Jazz Bass.

015DSC00411 Mission Photographic

Identifiable features:

1. Gun metal grey paint on body matched to headstock (yes I love it when they do that).

2. Matt finish to the paint, except on the arm rest area, which has been worn through playing to a higher shine.

3. Chips to the paint on the top of the headstock (road injuries)

4. Faded writing on the back, that was originally a note from Walter Schriefels to Lou from Sick of it all.

5. Seymour Duncan bass line pick ups. Whilst not distinct looking, the bass line logo is part worn on both pick ups, but it is still visible.

6. Fitted with a strap lock system and lightening bolt guitar strap.

On a personal note, I bought this new in 2009 and it has been everywhere with me and has been my go to bass for everything I have done since buying it.

I spoke to a friend of mine earlier and we talked about possessions being tools to happy memories. This is that bass for me. Some of my happiest memories of being in a band were playing this bass.


Squire Bronco Bass


Identifiable features:

1. 3/4 size bass (roughly same size as a standard guitar)

2. Tone control is incredibly loose.

This was a bass bought for the practice room. There isn’t much more I can say about it.

If you know anything, see anything, hear anything, please get in touch with us via our band page, Featherjaw on Facebook or contact me @defydesigns on twitter or instagram or try and contact any of us who you may or may not know through any method you can.

I’m going to include the crime number the police issued us with, that way if you have read this and simply want to act anonymously, that is ok too, we just want our stuff back.

Crime number: 1500428949


The biggest thing here is these are not three standard instruments, this is not a black strat with a white scratch plate. I guess this is what gives me some sense of hope, if someone walks into a second hand shop to try and sell this odd trio, there is no doubt that they are mine.

I hope the kind of criminal that is stupid enough to steal a selection of very distinct guitars rather than the box full of pedals that is worth more than the guitars they stole is also stupid enough to walk into a guitar shop and try to sell them.

I hope they are stupid enough to walk into a guitar shop and try to sell them to one of the guys who work in the shop who would have know these were mine without them even knowing they had been stolen from me.

Maybe I’m pipe dreaming. Maybe I need to be hopeful that these will find their way back to me.

I have to add, that we shared a few photos of my baritone when in the confusion we were just under the impression that it was just that that had been stolen, and the out pouring of support and people sharing the photos has been incredible. People I don’t know have been so supportive in spreading the word around the whole of South Wales and the South West. It has been wonderful, in a life affirming way. If you are reading this having shared those photos, I can’t thank you enough. In a dark time for me and my friends, you remain the day brightener.

By 10 o’clock today I was told that a friend of a friend had printed the photos and taken the photos to the second hand shops near his house. That right there is a clear sign that for every horrible person who would steal something, there are good people going out of their way too.

Thank you.

19. November 2015 by Michael Partridge
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  1. Hey Mike. Damn shame about this, I feel for you mate. I’ve sent the article to my uncle who is on the music scene in Penarth. Craig.

  2. Have you rung around some of the cash converters etc in the cardiff area and that see if they’ve had anything in. The Baritone Jag is a fairly uncommon thing, so might have stuck in mind

  3. Drop me an email via my website if you’d like to borrow a bass for free.

    • That is very much appreciated, I have a spare, its just not as good as the one I had. We are recording Sunday and the folks at the studio have told me I can borrow their stuff too. Kindness like this, makes the world a little nicer!

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