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effect : Many civil servants in Ireland were much alarmed at

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Jordan's operation, and after a somewhat tedious con-

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amount to a libel, and that judgment must be eutered fur ihe defendant.

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the child she had observed a discharge from the navel, which

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viding a free exit for pus, no harm resulted, and the tempera-

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same irritant properties, nor are all workers equally suscep-

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surdity about the matter, the seeming discord being but har-

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short and severe illness. He was the eldnst son ot Dr. J. H.

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not manage solids. The opeiation had occupied a little less

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The deputation then thanked his lordship, and withdrew, yd

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flock — it cannot be granted that hospital treatment is supe-

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out by the Cairo School of Medicine, on which the department is abso-

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husbands are out of work from illness or othei: unavoidable

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It is evident then, that so far there is no experimental

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Such an attack is often soon over, and the patient is left none

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paraldehyde was added in quantities of .3, 7.5, 10, 12.5, and

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subjects it is interesting to note how gradually the muscular

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next menstrual period, there will occur in the course ot a day

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V. Owen, brother of the bride, Howard Albert Bredin, M.D., M.R.C. S.,

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Sigiult performed five operations with the loss of one

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gies, deter the pious benefactor, and prevent either univer-

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perature drops to the normal within twelve hours. I was called to one

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and as getting a blind pastophorus, Teta, to do the recita-

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positum ; from other parts it could be easily scooped out with

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AtA-ORDiNti to tha sei'I-tCicai Mcdi<:^lJ<'i^Tvai, the returns of the recent

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founded on those observations ; and, strange to say, even the

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from the retrotarsal folds and from the edges of the wound by ■

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brought about instability of the higher regions of the cerebral

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all smoke, which Is entirely consumed and turned into heat while in

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has certainly not had very favourable results in actual prac-

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claims.- He laid special stress on the last case, that of a boy,

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Persistent vomiting, with such serious digestive disturb-

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