Is Trazodone Good For Anxiety

and quantitative electric changes can be elicited. The second group,

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(2) Hypertrophj and Dilatation. — In chronic myocarditis hyper-

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ing causes. The majority of cases occur between twenty and thirty

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Diagnosis. — This is assured by the etiologic influences and the

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pylorus, it appears several hours after meals. Vomiting may also be

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the food or drink, and Bostroem, from a study of 32 cases, concludes

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being of the individual. This energy coming as it does from all the great

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attack of scarlet fever, or perhaps of poisoning, syphilis, excessive eating

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possible by the history or the results of treatment. The systolic mur-

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power of the heart does not imply a complete cure of the impaired mus-

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Medicine in the Philadelphia Polyclinic. Post-octavo, 417 pages; 55

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place to the two former, the oxidation of which yield acetone.

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Copy of the card of invitation and program of exercises

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a tooth which presents a smooth, polished surface, and this state-

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Aveight being as much as fourteen pounds. The enlargement is uniform

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the eyebrows arched, and the whole expression is ''mask-like." The

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Hypertrophy of the Auricles. — Hypertrophy with dominant dilatation

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motor weakness, with or without spasmodic movements, may exist. In

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cerebro-spinal menengitis, but which was unquestionably anterior

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rotic vessels are easily ruptured, hemoptysis — a not uncommon event

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from the intestinal tract or other adjacent organs {secondary peritonitis).

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creases as a rule. The tolerance for the carbo-hydrates is increased

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tion. This pigmentation may have either a dusky-yellow, bronze or

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commencing doses should be moderate, and then be increased until full

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The prognosis is governed by the pre-existing condition to which

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vaginam and thence through the uterus to the tubes. In such

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rapidly ensue. Among children the disease is common and assumes an

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cerebrum to the other parts of the central nervous system, the pro-

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resentative publishers in the chief medical centers of the world for the

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most common. Primarij carcinoma is usually unilateral, the tumors at-

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blood may flow as a continuous stream or the nares may present a pro-

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cordance with our By-Laws every physician who becomes a

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necrotic sloughs may heal and cause stenosis of the tube, or it may rup-

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cles. Paralysis causes imperfect outward rotation of the humerus and

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In obstinate constipation calomel, rhubarb, the extract of colocynth, or

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so that in the course of from three to four or six weeks recovery is

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certain limited number of cases present symptoms and signs that simu-

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2indi the pulse small and very freijuent — 130 to 180 beats per minute.

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respiratory excursions. The pain is also intensified by pressure, reach-

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often proves an effectual cure, although occasionally the anchorage may be

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disease. Various writers have gone so far as to describe how many

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nor by large doses of alkalies as in hyperchlorhydria. In ulcer, more-

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this injunction will be most clearly understood when it is stated that in

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