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period ! How would the strength and energjj^ of mind and body flag, if an
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however, that this mode of demonstration is only suited for
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d^neration, since many of the causes which produce the one occasion
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The Western Hospital has had a somewhat varied history.
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this regard, we should remember that but a month had elapsed
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granulated, and had the appearance of an ulcerated cavity. This organ
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sand and mud. Of course they obviate these difficulties by having
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months before admission — and that she then suddenly fell and
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But very little benefit was derived. During the attack of supposed
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assigns an important part to a certain Yahya an-Nahwf,
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properties needed to combat infection gains access to the
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The tubercle bacillus, the bacillus of glanders, and other micro-
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tretinoine creme 0 02 bestellen, which exists in a state of solution in healthy bile, but
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election of Councillors of the College of Surgeons.
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condyles ; until at length, by additional deposit, it got altogethei-
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have been enumerated after, and bo separated from the former.
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lease of life. She complained greatly of pain in the abdo-
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power of growth within themselves. For cartilage, atheromn,
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of Suspected Diphtheria ? — During the first few months, in
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cells, but with their processes yet retained, and some of the glia-stroma
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Dr. S. V. Hoopman president, and Frank Innis vice-president.
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4. Stevens R: American Medicine and the Public Interest. New Haven, Conn,
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work coolly and methodically, either to extinguish the flames,
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had double pneumonia. I saw him in the preliminary attack, with rapid
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way of the pharynx, unless urgent dyspnea is present, on
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of the milkseller's shop — three for certain, who were regularly
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of the history of the treatment of disease by hydrotherapeutic
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of some disease of the nasal passages or accessory sinuses, or to the presence
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opportunity to complain ; and it may be also the means of defeating an alibi •
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feet had been getting deformed, and during the last twelve
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lished. On the contrary, I believe that internal complications, and the
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Dowd, Michael Joseph Bait. Med. Coll., 'or . . .Thompsonville.
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this purpose, solution of carbolic acid was the best and
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liave ah-eady secured a Central Board and Special Examiners ; all
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particular movement, are the result. Later, the same process may spread to
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claudication of the larynx. The patient was a priest,
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an essay deemed by the committee of award to be worthy of
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think it has been of great value since it was begun some years ago.
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days. The shrinking of the right lung frequently increases the area of
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Total number of cases of chronic forms of rheumatism 28
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was "to govern the institution altogether, or whether
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