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The Royal CoUege of Pbysician.s of Licence in Medicine.

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think I can detect pneumonia without a stethoscope

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without placing undue risks on the insurance offices.

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tinuous Current in the Treatment of Fil roitl and otlier Diseases

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intravenously in order to insure the f uickest pf ssible neutralization of

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food as when its support is derived from the mother s

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provided tin culture was reasonably fresh. As a prac

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had appeared before the Governor of the State on be

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irritable on slight provocation. The affected limb had a very

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common cause of this condition is an involvement of the recurrent

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ciples which are the proper food of the oxygen. In diseases

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parently no copies of them are in existence. Besides

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ounces of breast milk diluted condensed milk answers the purpose

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its various forms the preparation of white lead is especially dan

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cipal Council was not aide to give the Committee the land for

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hospital. For with but one exception though the infants had

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line which has suggested their distinctive name of mul

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nifying what resembles scales. This he says occurs on the face

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an operation they must be those of uncomplicated prem

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tion. Of course we have not a history of two hundred years bel

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croup though without the pathognomonic sign of a mem

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becomes very painful swollen red and tender. In a majority of cases

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oscillations are largest but at the place where the greatest oscillations

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demics it is strange that it has not received more con

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surgeries frequently are in other towns but of which there

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Absorbent Treatment. This is most applicable where there is

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