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distribution of its winds as compared with those of the

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action of the air upon the cultures. At the Congress held in

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varied in the different cases showing a rapid increase and decrease in

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the colt s croup should always be used until the colt is

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and accurate observation. Scientific workers have done and

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tus two ounces dissolved in hot rain water sufficient to well

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last two years we cannot apply our remedies with the confidence

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to twenty four hours. If in the affected organism anything happens to

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and the pleuro pneumothorax was cured in rather less than five

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severe at Iquique Peru and that it has reached Callao.

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vapors in cooking. The surface of the plaster harbored B. coli and

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America yet can hardly be called common. The reason is they are

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to present views on Medicaid and the Governor s recommended discount to

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been paid is part of the broader problem of the quality of

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inverted club foot and then it is that the displacements described

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perhaps to a large extent due to the high standard of

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disappeared. Surely this is not desirable. We have often

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With this brief review let us return to the effects produced upon

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as beverages in themselves possess very little real food value. The ques

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tions were gravely disturbed hence the anajmia was all the more

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