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tions of quinine morphia and atropia. He also had a

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large areas are involved it is advisable that only a portion be painted

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doses one drop or less. I usually prescribe it in this pro

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estimated that the patient was passing a little more than ten

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indeed is the fate of a leper before him opens out a miserable

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silver war medal with four cla.sps for his services at the

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was in no way affected. Two observations with lymph

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air and if possible sunshine to the wound region constant

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ready encroached upon his morals and lowered the dignity

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erery half hour is quite as effective and in children the smaller doses

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by deep pressure over the exit from the skull deep pressure just blow

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The warm air rising from the reservoir escapes through

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population in round numbers about one sixth yet they

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is preferable as the continued taking of the poison keeps up the

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the blood. Ten years experience with tuberculin treatment has

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condition of debility which had previously been so manifest.

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the baby s eye with the poison does not take place in the

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The Presiden r For twenty years I have not used any

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for instance as the peroneal or posterior tibial high up oc

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It is Stated that at the examination this evening nine candidates out of

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in a person presenting a typical vaccination scar the result of

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Poensgen Johannessen Alt Boas Ewald coincide in this

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inducing hypcrajmia by stasis in consumptives in order

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veins reach the inferior vena cava without passing into the liver

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debilitated and hence frequently with a cachectic state

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page and a summary of their chief secondary connections on

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the blood on these parasitic organisms is decreased

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patient first came under observation. Next to this the earliest as

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