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Charcot replied, " anaemia — or better still, apoplexy."

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down the ravine, but by August 1 it had dried to a few pools of the following

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as warning against the exhibition of chloroform to its full ex-

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8. During the 10 years from 1877 to 1887, there were 4 cases

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second or third day of their illness. Some of them, too, got brandy

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the Theory and Practice of Surgery, and of the performance

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a physician, the time periods indicated in conclusion

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occasions a white wheal. Even pressure is now applied until

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dence of tuberculosis among the people of that nation-

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quantity was accurately determined from the fact of its having been made up

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painful and which is almost immediately attended with

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period less than that of the glycosuria, or intermitting." Such is the

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the patient now rejected all other efforts to affect a cure, and

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throws away the most essential means of discovering disease. In the hos-

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forty-five patients were cured and fifty-four improved;

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ease, to which, perhaps, should properly be given the name of

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ensued. The author considers that the danger in this method of treatment is

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quently is the final stage of a pemphigus vulgaris. Acute pemphigus

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the infectious material (bacteria?) from the intestine into the bile-ducts.

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the earlier treatment was directed. This consisted of but

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the distorting force, which must be associated with the produc-

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ties, or even during the same periods and in the same places, it

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amended. In the ordinary posture seated on a flat board, he

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mine the indications of treatment. These once removed, all

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* The important fact of the white corpuscles adhering to the sides of the vessels in the

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receives from the direct ciliary filaments of the nasal nerve. The iris and

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I think it was Socrates who used to say to his students

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recovered from their stools. We believe, therefore, that it may

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pharmacist as a medical man, differentiations of medical men, need of

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always end fatally. 1 have met with several examples.

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trabeculee generally assume greater prominence on the right than on the left

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bad been given, I was somewhat in doubt in making out a diagnosis, but

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the merits of a new procedure, and for awhile is liable

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The Gastric Juice. While the study of the gastric juice will be

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slightly. It increased somewhat the weight of the dry matter

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