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with a view of ascertaining what proportion of the cases of

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gradually subsided until at present very little criticism is heard

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The diet should consist entirely of liquid mucilaginous food

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substances or to diets rich in fats which lead to diarrhoea and

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reached the hospital and remained so until his death on the fourth day.

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critical Day viz. the fcventh for as thefe Fevers are generally

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sis of the external rectus. The case was very thoroughly studied.

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delusion actually exists and whether it was the cause of the act in

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of the men recover spontaneously and that mine i t the meth

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order frequent emollient Clyfters to which add fs. of Sal Pru

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Pettigrew s Silver Tea Set. by Judith Spencer and Henry by Mary

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Slow K and K Tab potassium chloride formulations in hypertensive

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by Cushing. He says Simple venous stasis in the retinal veins fails

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by an elastic strap as a great inconvenience and will

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tion and the slowness of a full recovery. It leaves unsettled the

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views of our duties to society are wide and noble. Among

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are displaced a little to the right. The concha of the

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discussed by former authors by whom however no facts

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rccoverttl. Six out of the lwcnty f mr operolivc rast s

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ganizing Associations respectfully reported that they have performed

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in infants who also presented characteristic syphilides. In one case

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equilibrium between acids and bases in the organism on the other.

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marked degree unless the endocarditis has been some time

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cussed subject of the operative treatment of morbid growths

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efficiently nourished by ingesting the tissues of its own species has been

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the next step is to properly identify the product. eonMdering the fish s

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With the portable apparatus nearly every class of case could be

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ment of kala azar. He had treated cases in the previous twelve

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