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ritation. The uterus was small and anteyerted, but there

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and later in another. I do not pretend to explain the universal

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set of the disorder, the seizures are usually of the complete form ; u

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transition from partial to complete block that the so-called

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* Lloyd, D. J., On vitamines, amino-acids, and other chemical factors involved

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In your misguided zeal for dogs you are guilty, in my opinion, of cruelty

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inserted. The patient gained for a few weeks, but fell away

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Linne (class Mammalia; order Pachyderm ata), piirified by-

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"Historal.-Maupertius in 1731 and Redi m ^m-VV^J^^^^

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from the Ear, with Remarks " {Edin. Netc Med. Journal, vol. ii.,

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were, waiting upon the other. Exercise, while full, must use up

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enter into consideration in our discussion, since the sup-

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soon that they have built too small, and that they were

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If the route to Winnipeg has been via the Lake route, a

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and ducts, must indeed have been wasted and abolished ; and to

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cerebral and spinal lesions as indiTidual affections. In

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the Winyah Sanitarium, at Asheville, N. C, the White Haven Sanitarium and

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against the numerous villi that project from all parts of the small intestine.

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len's Nolology, are added the fymptoms, caufes, diagnofis, prog-

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life a few persons suffering, but there was no cause for alarm,

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is true of its medical treatment. And in this place it may be proper to

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colonies of hemophilous bacilli, many colonies of meningococci, and some

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affection frequently remains stationary for a longer or

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to be thus influenced may be enumerated as follows:

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The rate of progress is very different in different

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insist that pain and fatigue in the early afternoon and

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promptly emptied with a surgically clean hand and the

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may not have been able to exert himself in consequence of

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should be added to the broths. He permits a little strained fruit juice to be

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" XIX. Pisces. — The bones of fishes contain less gelatine, and a

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upon. In a mild case a dose of castor oil may be given to relieve the

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admitted must have brought certificates of having attended

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and therefore belonging to Surgery ; and, on the other, the

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