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notice that Todd — who in 1847 ('Cyclop, of Anat. and Phys.,' iii, p. 721)
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aching pain to right ■■>{ umbilicus, with knife-like
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its central position, convenience of access, large population, wealth and morality, must be
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Sternberg has received a despatch from Havana, saying that
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by Walshe in doses of half a grain every hour for the first three
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condition is really typhoid fever, the blood giving the Widal reaction. For
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so much because her health was wrecked, that she was
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times the eruption is the expression of a general toxic
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debility, nerve starvation, ' run down,' poverty of
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is no contagion, hence if such cases are sent to sanatoriums they
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and desipramine are increased. Pharmacokinetic interactions with other drugs have
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former gentleman in the Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift. The subject
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difficulty which histologists regard as insuperable, but which I am sure cannot
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indicate its evacuation or the extirpation of the organ in which
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word having passed on the subject." This, I believe, is
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the following law : An act to prevent the introduction of
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a day with a solution of permanganate of potash (fifteen
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atrophy of liver. Urged importance of giving a good
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converted to the harmless sulphate during and after absorption. The
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These are just words, but the reality of a significant
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tice medicine must present himself before a magistrate
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her general appeai'ance indicated languor and debility ; her eyes
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conveys this warning in the strongest possible manner.
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Translated from the German, by A. Howard Okie, M.D. Translator of
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of renal disease that had existed for some time, " though not sus-
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tion of the course of this tract based upon pathologic findings (Leichten-
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education. (Hear, hear.) I am not quite prepared to enter
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tion of the left brachio-cephalic venous trunk, which is longer
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with pain in the nose and I could find no objective
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of determining the presence or absence of antibodies
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the mucous membrane, and to finally perforate into the adjacent
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to the Children's Hospital, September loth, 1902, complaining
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ately called, found her nearly pulseless ; — her general appearance being

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