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thyroid disease. Out of cases of thyroidism between
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Z. family an illustration of rapid neuropathic degeneracy.
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and turpentine itself and there is reason to believe that P
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sense. Suggillation is sometimes considered synonymous
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simply a question for medical or legal jurisprudence it seems to me.
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and is due probably to a congenital defect of the lymphatic system.
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over the bleeding area a pad of absorbent cotton soaked in a
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He thoroughly curettes the ulcerating area and after drying
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showed a child aged with well marked signs of cretinism.
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Roll up the sleeves and oil the right hand and arm. Take
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Mediums devote their energies to fleecing the ignorant and the
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nuclei with only comparatively few polynuclear leucocytes
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stomach acute gastric indigestion acute intestinal ob
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fluence of hydraulic pressure partly and mainly under the influ
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to approximate very closely in composition to its Ameri
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gitation are ill developed or in abeyance and that it may
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only its practicable applicability in this class of cases. Both
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ever got over her time of danger and then ceased pay
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doses and of giving rise to corresponding derangements of health.
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flatter like a lentil but bigger. All the other organs were
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from doing it is confined entirely to the consciousness of the individual in
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be exhausted from the bottle and the cork inserted. The needle is plunged
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When the doctor arrived he was unconscious the eyes
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of too early loosening of the normally inserted placenta.
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at any meeting of any section except as hereinbefore provided.
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Morphology. Like E. histolytica this species varies greatly in mor
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of the Apocynace e that of a cardiac poison and not a cardiac
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produces a stimulating effect on the voluntary muscles through the

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