Zetia Liptor

State Hospital for Inebriates at Willmar, Minnesota. His poor health and the

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in a milder form. During the attack the face is usually flushed,

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lectual condition of the people. In the erection of school houses,

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Pilula Styracis Composita (L., E.), 5 to 10 grains. (1

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sion of the disease are established, however, we can have no confidence

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thought; that is, did they match the living frame of ref-

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infection; he sees no evidence of it in his own home,

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stain blood corpuscles with so called vital stain and to reinject them,

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good ; or try them in water — the freshest will sink first. Always

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a double silk ligature on the splenic artery, which was

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1884. Banks, Sir W. Mitchell, F.R.C.8., LL.D., 28, Rodney-street, Liver-

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agree in ihe main with those of other observers. The

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(latest ed. by R. Henry, Photius: Bibliotheque: "Codices" 84-185 [Paris,

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through the digestive tract. Small punctured wounds, as nail

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of grave sequelae. You might ask the question, why is it that

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time removed from the regiment in which he had gained so

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must be admittedly his first and most important duty — the

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dropping the solution directly upon the part to be treated from a long

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considered, therefore, in the present case that digitalis was a con-

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In a tenth case (1883 ; age 4 months ; ill ten days, commencing the day

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full stream from one and slowly from the other — the blood drawn

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had been in the army, and while in the West Indies was laid up with an attack

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to deal with, the history and rational signs of which made us also

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reflex excito-motor power an evidence of design, the object of all

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lodtn'dron, coral-tree or bean-tree. It is sedative,

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fession thfOUgh an humane attitude toward the practice of medicine.

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hiding places, the hole that you cut into the wall should be

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credit of having robbed the dreadful disease rabies of its ter-

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most constant initial symptoms. But we can readily understand why

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were more likely to yield to treatment based on the auto-

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These symptoms are associated with a swelling of the sub-

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healthy, specially avoiding bad drainage and bad ventilation.

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uch maneuvers. He felt that the observations of practition-

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tion of the liquid as was possible. On the other hand, I have

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of isolation for the prevention of sex difficulties,

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